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Development Environment

The CASS front-end is composed primarily of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Use your favorite web site editing suite to customize CASS. We recommend Brackets.

The CASS identity manager and repository are written using RS2, and may be edited with a text editor such as Notepad++.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install LEVR

  2. Copy the rs2 files from /src/rs2 to Tomcat/etc. Restart Tomcat.

  3. Install httpd, apache2, or your favorite web hosting package.

  4. Copy the web applications from /src/webapp folder to the root of the web server.

  5. Determine the web service endpoint for Tomcat.

    1. http://<ip>:8080/levr/api/custom/

  6. Modify each webapp configuration (under generated-js/<app name>.js)

    1. Change all instances of URLs pointing to remote servers (usually in the last 50 lines) to point at your web service endpoint.

  7. Test

    1. http://<ip>/<app name>/

  8. If difficulties occur, join the project Slack and ask your question under #general or #help.