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Contribute Code

CASS Package Archiving

All code releases will be declared as

  • stable (runs with only known bugs)

  • a release candidate (going through testing and QA)

  • experimental (no guarantee that it works)

All official releases will be stored in the package archive and will be available for download at any point. Changelogs for each release will be attached, denoting feature adds, fixes, and known issues (if any).

CASS Versioning

CASS is versioned using a major.minor.revision style. All numbers begin at 0 and may be greater than 9 (eg: 0.14.5 is zero point fourteen point five).

Major versions represent significant pivots in the architecture or functionality of CASS. Examples of this would be breaking changes in the security architecture, significant design revisions, or other changes that make CASS generally incompatible with previous versions. Major version changes may also occur upon the completion and first major release of the software or the accumulation of enough additional features that a major release is warranted.

Minor versions represent releases that are different from the previous version in a significant way. Examples may include new features, new data that can be modeled, etc. Minor revisions during the pre 1.0.0 stage may include changes that are incompatible with previous versions, but after 1.0.0, backwards compatibility is included. Each ‘push’ of a new set of features will result in a new minor version.

Revisions occur upon successful automatic builds of the system. Each of these builds may include bugs that are generally worked out over a period of time as the revision number increments. Typically, the highest revision number in a minor version has all the intended features for that minor version and is the most stable.

Setting Up Your Environment

The process for setting up a development environment is documented here. You can also send an email to Fritz Ray to get real, live, in-person help. We will respond to all inquiries as quickly as we can.

Task List

The CASS project is organized around a list of tasks. We ask that you contact us before starting on a task that is on the list and that has a * or a name by it.  You are welcome to add tasks to the list or claim any that have not been claimed already.