Community Projects

On this page we highlight past and current efforts made by members of the CASS Community. 

If you are working on a project related to CASS and would like to have your work included on this page please contact Kevin.

For clarification and additional details about current Community Project topics please join us on Slack.

Current Topic Ideas: 

1. Create a tacking conformance document for CASS adapters. The document should specify what CASS adopters need to support, with possibly several levels of conformance to tracking requirements, but that includes a level with a requirement for the adapter to pass log files to CASS in a secure and encrypted format, which CASS will then store.

2. Create software within CASS and associated APIs for storing and receiving log files, and create a reference implementation for adapters to store and transmit them.

3. Contribute documentation for levels of access and access controls for queries at user and admin levels.

Past Projects: