Translate and exchange competencies between systems

CASS provides a robust common language and translation method for competencies, evidence of attainment, and associated resources.

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Competency and Skills System (CASS)

Translate and exchange competencies between systems

Reliably make sense of talent data stored in diverse systems created by different organizations, for different purposes, and with different structures.

Define resources that support specific competencies

Tag learning resources with competencies to create alignments. Use these alignments to discover and leverage learning resources that support the attainment of competencies such as courses, assessments, and reference materials.

Centrally access competencies that are stored in different locations

Permanent global identities for competencies can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Access competency-based user profiles for diverse educational, training, and business environments from a single software interface.

Securely store and manage competencies

Protect your data using robust built-in encryption and customizable permission levels. Control who can view your competencies and assertions about them.

Communicate competency status

Share your competencies with targeted recipients by exposing rich competency assertions you and others have made about them. Competency assertions include the originating party, degree of confidence, performance level, and evidence for that assertion. Assertions can come from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, learning activities, training systems, learning record stores, learning management systems, and credentials.

Import, export, and interoperate with widely used formats

CASS can import competencies in commonly used data formats including CSV, ASN, and RDF. The CASS data model is flexible and can integrate with the CTDL and data models. A variety of adaptors allow CASS to communicate and work with other systems including Moodle, xAPI statements, and O*NET. Additional adaptors and integrations are under development.

Build interfaces and tools on a stable platform

CASS provides open source infrastructure and end-user tools to handle the many complexities of managing competencies, including importing, exporting, defining, maintaining, and publishing them.

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